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Our Environmental Commitment

At Super Starr Cleaning Services Ltd. our new commitment to the environment will be a series of conscious changes we will be making today and everyday from now on. Our surroundings are our future and we can all make a difference.


Red Devil: A heavy duty concentrated degreaser and all ingredients are biodegradable and made from soy.

Odor Control: A concentrated air freshener that kills odor causing bacteria in the air and on fabrics.

Windows / All Surface'sH2Orange: Is an environmentally certified chemical that is orange based with hydrogen peroxide.

Tubs/Sinks/Toilets/ChromeWescream: Is a peppermint scented cream cleanser.


Vacuums: NVH 200 Nacecare canister vacuums.

Clean & Dirty Mop Buckets: Works in conjunction with the microfibre mops to ensure the same water never touches the floor again - comes with dirty water and clean water holding tanks.

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